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My name is Serge Mikhailov. I am from Russia. You can read my blog in Russian. This site is a result of my research work. I can't play music. I am a software developer. Ones upon the time I write a Note Pair Game and Piano Machine for my little daughter. I wonder popularity of it. I decide to write other music games.

Do you have any idea of music game? Can you give me a good links about music? Do you need to localize my games? Or do you need to develop the games by your own idea? Maybe you find error at my site. I will be glad to receive a mail from you.

Writing online games is my hobby. I like imagining new games and then figuring out how to create them. I would be happy to get any suggestions you have for new music games. If you've got a good idea, send me a post! Thank you for spending time at my site. I hope my site is useful for you.

English language is not my own language. I would be glad to receive any help from native English speakers.

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