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Only $13.45  
Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
License: Shareware, free to try
Price:  $13.45 Buy Now
File Size: 3.94 MB Download
Download time: 56K: 9m 36s 64K: 8m 24s 128K: 4m 12s 768K: 42s

Software Description:

More and more electronic devices support MP3 playback capability, including traditional MP3 players, digital cameras, Palm PDA's, Pocket PC's, and even mobile phones. However, due to lack of memory, most of these devices can only store a very limited number of music files. DietMP3 can compress the size of your MP3 files, allowing you to add more songs to your player without an expensive memory upgrade.

DietMP3 can significantly reduce (by 30 to 70 percent) the size of an original MP3 file with very minor loss in quality. Rip or grab CD tracks directly to "dieted" MP3 files. These small files allow you to put more songs onto your portable MP3 players without an expensive flash memory upgrade. If you prefer to burn onto a mini CD-R or CD-RW, DietMP3 can help you to place 30 to 70 percent more songs on a disc.

  • Diet (compress) MP3 files and Audio CDs.
  • Reduce 30% to 70% MP3 file size and keep most of the music quality.
  • Extract CD Audio tracks to MP3 format in the quality you want.
  • Let your portable MP3 players, MP3 mobile phone and MP3 Palm can hold more songs without purchasing & install additional flash memory card.
  • Auto New Version Check Function, you will never miss any new version.
  • Fast and stable, the best one in the internet.

Shareware Limitation:

  • Unregistered version can only "diet" 15 MP3 files. Registered Version can compress unlimited MP3 files and free upgrade to full function version in future versions.

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