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Microphone and flash software

This is music microphone and flash software. It records from your PC microphone and converts it into a mini Flash movie, containing the compressed recording and a simple PLAY button. You can also drop in wave files.

Run the program. Make sure you have the microphone connected and click Record. When finished click Stop. Or simply drag and drop a wave file to the window. Test to make sure it recorded correctly by clicking Test source. If you're happy, click Create SWF. The hourglass cursor will come on briefly (depending on how long your recording is). Then test the SWF (Shockwave Flash format) output by clicking Test output. An HTML (browser) page will appear with the Play button showing. Click this. You can embed this mini Flash movie in any web page using your web page editor.

How it works:

Your voice is recorded in standard Windows Wave format. It is then converted to MPEG 3 using the LAME MP3 encoder. Flash is generated using the library (c Jesse Ezell). The output SWF file can be played in any program that supports Flash, including most web browsers.

There is some latency in the Windows recording routines, so make sure the beginning and end of your recording is not chopped off. If this happens, leave a slight pause after starting the recording before talking, and a pause after talking before stopping recording. Mid quality is a good compromise between size and quality. High quality may not be much improvement unless you have a very good microphone and sound input card. Low may be useful for longer recordings where a small size is important.



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