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'Set of Instruments' Dialog box defines instrument and volume for the each voice which is used to play an edited melody. 'Set of Instruments' defines also the voice parameters used in the Edit Mode. The program already has the predefined Sets of instruments. The Main Window has the drop-down list that contains all sets. When one of these sets is chosen, the program sets the corresponding instruments and voices volumes.

 Figure 1.

The controls on Figure 1 are described below:

Play Mode. The controls of this panel define the voice parameters. This set of parameters works, when we press the 'Play' button on the toolbar of the main window or when we press the 'Play' area over the interface element representing a Motive. We can edit parameters of three voices – Melody, Chord and Bass.
Name. This field contains the voice name.
Instrument. This field shows the instrument’s name of the voice.
When this button is pressed, the Instrument dialog appears. In this dialog you can choose a new instrument for the edited voice from the standard General MIDI voice set (128 voices).
Volume. This field shows the volume of the edited voice.
When this button is pressed, the Volume dialog appears. In this dialog you can choose a new value for the voice volume within the range from 0 to 127.
Mute. This check box allows to mute the voice. When the box is checked, the voice does not play. Press the mouse button over this box to change its state.

 Figure 2.

The controls on Figure 2 are described below:

Edit Mode. The voices edited in this panel are used in the Motive Editor and the Chord Editor. You can not disable the voice playing in the Edit Mode since the editors will loose their functionality. In this mode you can edit only two voices – Melody and Chord. The Bass voice is playing with the same set of the parameters as the Chord has.

 Figure 3.

The controls on Figure 3 are described below:

Metronome. The voices you select on this panel are used in the Edit Mode and in the Playing Mode. The Voice 'Up Beat' is used to accent the up-beat of the Motive, the voice 'Beat' – to accent all other (divisible by sixteenth duration) beats. In the Playing mode only you can also disable the metronome. Notice that for the metronome voices you can choose only the percussion instruments.

 Figure 4.

The controls on Figure 4 are described below:

Here you can test how the edited Set sounds. If you call the Motive Editor or the Chord Editor you can listen how the Set sounds in the Editing Mode.
When this button is pressed, the dialog plays the Motive from the left and you can listen how the Set sounds in the Playing Mode.

 Figure 5.

The controls on Figure 5 are described below:

Press this button to create the new Set of Instruments. Before creating the new Set of Instruments, the program displays the dialog that requests the name of the new Set.
Press this button to open the Set of Instruments. In the appeared dialog 'Open The Set of Instruments' choose the Set name and press the 'Open' button.
Press this button to save the edited Set of instruments. Also Set of Instruments can be saved with a new name from the 'File' menu.

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