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Introduction of music theory.

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The main purpose of 'Palette' program is help to create melodies. The basic features are:

  • The program represents graphically the structure of melody being created. Boundaries of motives, phrases and sentences are clearly shown.
  • The program provides the following methods of motive development: sequence, variaton, repetition, extraction, inversion, new rhythm generation and so on.
  • Chord Editor includes all frequently used triads, seventh chords and their inversions. Additionally, Chord Editor suggests the only chords that are in accord with the logic of functional motion. It makes it easy to create the right harmonic progression.
  • User can choose the arrangement of chord inserted in a motive. Only those arrangements are suggested that are in accord with voice-leading rules.
  • The Motive Editor is implemented as the traditional Piano Roll editor. The editor has a mechanism that prompts to a user how and when to resolve the non-chords tones.
  • The program supports two file formats: '*.ptt' - own xml-based format; '*.mid' format.

User documentation consists of three Chapters. First Chapter 'Theory' describes the basics of harmony and composition theory. In this Chapter 'Motive', 'Phrase', 'Sentence', 'Period', 'Cadence', 'Methods of motive development' terms are defined. The existing chord types are represented, 'chord arrangement' is explained, voice-leading rules are specified, logic of functional motion is explained.

Second Chapter describes the User interface.

Third Chapter contains description of two examples of melody creation from the beginning to the end.

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